JMILUG Meetup – 9th November 2013



  • Hammad Haleem
  • Saleem Ansari
  • Pankaj Sharma
  • Safiyat Reza
  • Umar Ahmad
  • Vivek Gupta
  • Sawood Alam
  • Viupl Nayyar
  • Amit Shah

There wasn’t a pre-defined agenda so the discussion took its own course. We discussed about many things:

  • Sawood Alam shared his work he is doing in his research group at the Old Dominion University.
  • Vivek Gupta shared what kind of challenging problems he is working on.
  • Vipul Nayyar shared his GSoC experience during RTEMS project.
  • There was a discussion about patents, patent laws, usage of search engines etc.
  • How to approach for further studies, programming competitions and some general chit-chat.

In this meetup some members met after a very long time, so it was only a get together. No tasks assigned in particular.